pete's perry

pete’s perry

In the barnyard, Billy is a sly goat, secretly stole some apples and made his own blend of special cider. Pete the crow, an intelligent creature, has been observing Billy and his barnyard gang for months now and has decided he’d like to make his own unique drink. Using some lovely pears and some cloves he created a tasty perry. However, what Pete doesn’t know is that Farmer Loren has been watching what is going on as well. This perry was taken from Pete’s stash and brought to the cidery so that its distinctive flavour can be sampled by all.

This delightful summer drink is made with 100% BC grown pears is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth and help you chillax in the warm afternoon and evening. Pete’s created the perfect mix that’s smooth and sumptuous! Enjoy it while you can before Pete steals it back or we run out!

500 ml | ABV: 6.5%

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