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While many businesses have suffered or even crumbled under the weight of COVID-19 and its associated restrictions, the owners of Taves Estate Cidery in Abbotsford took a leap of faith, and it’s paying off.

Taves Family Farms is well-known for its farm-to-bottle cold-pressed fresh cider, made from apples grown in the 10 acres of orchards. They grow varieties, such as Alkmene, Honeycrisp, and their signature apple, the Jonagold. The Taves’ popular pasteurized cider is available at retailers throughout the lower mainland, so making the leap to a hard cider just seemed like a natural progression.

Billy’s Best is a classic semi-dry refreshing cider made from our farm-grown apples, laced with subtle notes of vanilla and cinnamon. Made in small batches and part of our signature product, the Barnyard Pack, Billy’s effervescent texture is best paired with fragrant cheeses, seafood, and poultry.

“Abbotsford event helps buy goats for girls in Ethiopia to pay for education. The project empowers young girls to pay for school by providing them with a goat and training to care for their goat.They can then sell the offspring to pay for their rent in town, their schooling, education materials, tutoring and uniforms.

Among the top five tourist attractions respondents said they’d feel…

Oh yes, nothing like running around the family farm on Easter morning and searching for eggs. Ok, you caught us, we’ve never done that, but we could this year thanks to Taves Family Farms. That’s because on Easter weekend, they’re hosting a boozy, adults-only Easter Egg Hunt!

“BC Lions Player, TJ Lee, & family visited Taves Family Farms in Abbotsford to pick apples and learn about BC’s food growers & producers.”

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